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Individual Active Birth Preparation Classes

I offer private classes to parents who prefer preparing outside the group enviroment or cannot attend our workshop dates.

These individually taylored sessions are held in your home at the time that suits you and your birth partner.

Sessions typically consist of five 2h meetings and covering all topics included in our Active Birth weekend workshop: 


• Benefits of Active Birth-giving 

• Nature of labour and birth - physically & emotionally

• Detailed understanding of the pelvis 

• Optimal birthing enviroment 

• Recommended labouring & birhting positions

• Birth as a delicate hormonal process - how can we contribute?

• Pain perception and options for its management

• How to be a birth partner 

• Birth, bonding & the placenta

• After baby is born - make the most of this precious time

• Feeding your baby

• Practical preparations for birth and beyond

• When nature needs assistance - making good decisins


You will be provided with an original copy of "Preparing for Active Birth Handbook" by Janet Balaskas and a free subscription to the Active Birth e-Journal




The price of a complete 5 x 2h Individual Active Birth Preparation in your home is £300.

Please ask about prices including AB prep in my Birth / PN doula package and placenta encapsulation.

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