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About Bara 
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I was born and raised in Prague and I have lived in England since 2003. I’ve worked in a variety of childcare settings, supporting families with children of all ages.


My journey as a doula evolved through my massage practice and friendships with pregnant women. Increasingly my friends and clients began requesting my presence at their births, and I was unknowingly initiated as a Birth helper. I realized I had naturally begun following in the footsteps of my grandmother who was a midwife.


I have since trained as a doula and I have been attending births for clients and friends for over a decade. I feel honoured to provide my support throughout one of the most transformative experiences of a family’s life.


I’m a member of Doula UK and a fully recognised birth doula. I had the privilege of studying with Paramana Doulas (Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers) and Janet Balaskas (Active Birth) and continue to be inspired by the work of Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, Sheila Kitzinger and many of my dear doula colleagues. Much gratitude to all my treasured clients with whom I have learnt the most.

My wish is for every mother and father to experience a beautiful birth of their baby. I offer calming, gentle, nurturing presence and non-judgemental support in all your birthing choices.


Drawing from my broad naturopathic experience I employ various tools such as massage, rebozo, movement, breathing techniques, visualization and nutrition during each stage of pregnancy, birth and postnatally.

My approach to supporting parents also adjusted since I became a mother myself. The experience of birth itself and the following period opened new horizons and deepened my understanding of this delicate yet extremely powerful and wonderful life-changing time for new parents. 


I encourage women to fully trust their bodies as I believe we have an inner knowledge and intuitive power to grow and birth babies. If women feel loved cared for and celebrated during their pregnancy then they can enter motherhood feeling confident. I am committed to helping parents throughout this incredible journey so that their child’s birth & beyond is a physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling experience.


I'm based in Dartington, South Hams, Devon. 

You can contact me for a initial consultation here. 


I am looking forward to meeting you and your growing family!


'Bara is a very calm, composed and gentle person. She inspires trust. She was always very supportive of our choices and decisions for the birth, providing encouragement, information to help us make decisions and reassurance when we expressed concern'.

(J & O, London)



'Bara provided a great level of support . Her presence was unobtrusive and I felt completely comfortable with her being with us during labour. She has a very calming personality, with a level of humour where appropriate which is exactly what I hoped for in a doula'.

(K, London)



'It was reassuring to having someone with experience there to discuss decisions when needed. Bara's assistance was unobtrusive and given exactly the right times, and she left us to it at the right times as well. My only slight hesitation beforehand about using a doula was that it might feel that she was doing my job for me, and that I might therefore feel less engaged with the process. However, Bara's support meant that I felt more engaged, and more useful, since I could concentrate on supporting my wife'.

(A, London)



'Yes, I would definitely have you as a doula for another baby. I really appreciated the support you gave, and think it enabled my husband to really focus on his role as birth partner and allowed him to stay with me when he otherwise might have needed to leave me or take his focus away to deal with practicalities or interact more with the midwives'. 

(K, London)




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