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Placenta, your very own medicine

The placenta has long been thought of as a magical part of the creation of a baby. This incredible organ is uniquely designed for your baby and an integral part of any pregnancy and birth. The placenta physically connects the mother to her unborn baby, feeding the developing fetus a continuous supply of essential oxygen, nutrients and vitamins through the umbilical cord.

During and after birth women lose 1/8-1/10 of their blood supply from the bleeding wound left inside the uterus, where the placenta was attached for 9 months. 

As is true with most mammal species, we believe the human placenta was made to be consumed by the new mother to make up for this loss by replacing essential fats, proteins, vast amounts of iron and essential hormones to heal wounds and aid the body in self recovery after birth. 

I'm a certified placenta consultant, trained with Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) and am a member of Placenta Remedies Network (PRN).

I offer services in South Hams, Devon, meeting you at your home or hospital. 

Send me a quick note to get a detailed description about the collection, procedure, prices and discounts.

Why is the Placenta so important for post-birth healing?


During and after a normal vaginal delivery (including post-natal bleeding) a new mother will lose between 1/8 to 1/10 of her body’s blood supply. With caesarean section births, blood loss can be significantly more.  Losing a large amount of iron so quickly can cause anemia, leaving a new mum feeling tired, faint and exhausted. The blood needs high supplies of iron to carry oxygen to the cells. Low supplies of oxygen leave your cells starving and less able to heal after trauma.


The placenta benefits the new mother by supplying incredibly rich meaty iron, amino acids and essential fats which we believe is the perfect replenishment following birth.


Stem cells and growth factors in the placenta play a key role in healing the wound left inside the uterus after birth by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.  A mother will typically bleed for between 3 – 6 weeks after birth. This blood loss stems from where the placenta separated from the uterine wall.  We have found however that mothers who consume their placenta after birth bleed significantly less e.g. usually much lighter bleeding for between just 5 – 10 days after giving birth.

The most important nutrients found in rich supply in the placenta include:


  • Stem Cells and Growth Factors

  • Iron – essential for oxygen absorption in the cells

  • Vitamins B6 – aids in the making of antibodies

  • Vitamin E – for healing damaged skin cells

  • Oxytocin hormone – essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding

  • Cytokines - Fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and replacing damaged cells and tissue

Why should pregnant mothers consider consuming their placenta after birth?

Testimonials from many new mothers reveal that consuming the placenta after birth helped improve energy levels, increased milk production and slowed or stopped post-birth haemorrhaging, creating an overall healthier and quicker post-birth recovery.


The placenta benefits a healing mother after birth in many forms. Placenta capsules, creams, tinctures, essences and homeopathic remedies can all be made using the placenta; each may have their own benefit to the body and encourage a quicker more natural recovery after birth.

Placenta Encapsulation

Simple and palatable way to consume your placenta after birth as well as continuing benefits over an extended period of time.  

Placenta Encapsulation is growing in popularity and seems to be the most asked about placenta remedy available today.  

There are two ways of making placenta pills, using Traditional Chinese Medicine which involves steaming the placenta before dehydration or the Raw Dried method which simply involves the dehydration of raw placenta. Both methods involve grinding and encapsulating after complete dehydration.


I can’t reccommend placenta encapsulation enough and have been telling everyone i know that they must have it done. I felt very up and down following the birth of my first child – but this time I felt amazing. I believe taking the capsules totally eliminated the post-birth emotional rollercoaster for me and swapped it for feeling totally fantastic, happy and balanced instead. It’s a chance in a lifetime to have this unique remedy made for you and I think everyone should have it done.  -Mum of two in UK -

 A water & alcohol based remedy which may:

  • stimulate the ‘vital force’

  • help in times of distress, imbalance

  • give energy and strength when ill

  • keep indefinitely if stored properly


An essence is exactly that, it is the essence, the intrinsic nature, the soul, the fundamental quality of a particular person, place, or substance. The essence of your placenta holds a tremendous power to heal you and your child. An essence heals on an energetic or vibrational level, stimulating our vital force.  It is know for supporting the immune system and can work as a substitute remedy when TCM capsules cannot be taken due to ill health.

It is made using distilled water and alcohol and takes roughly 1-2 days to make using a thumb sized piece of raw, fresh placenta.

Placenta 'Mother' Essence
Placenta Tincture

An alcohol based strong remedy used for various hormonal balancing from PMS to menopause.

Suitable only for mothers use. It is a strong remedy made over 6 weeks.

Placenta Cream and Balm


Your placenta powder can be mixed into many different types of creams and balms to make an excellent skin healer.

Placenta creams have been used by the rich and famous for many years to combat signs of aging.


How can placenta creams / balm help you heal after birth?

  • reduce the appearance of c-section scarring

  • reduce the appearance of stretch marks

  • heal sore or cracked nipples from breast feeding

  • reduce skin inflammation from eczema, psiorisis and dermatitis

  • reduce the appearance of aging skin eg. lines, veins, sun-spots, wrinkles

  • reduce inflammation for babies with nappy rash or eczema


The placenta is rich in Oestrogen which builds collagen in the skin and Progesterone which inhibits the breakdown of collagen, normally leading to wrinkles as we age. Proteins from the placentas of cows and sheep are frequently used in commercially available anti-wrinkle creams, so now we have the opportunity to prepare a homemade skin care product made with the mother's own placenta.


Placenta remedies are particularly effective on skin problems due to its rich hormonal content. DHEA, a natural steroid prohormone, and cortisols of the placenta can help to heal infected skin.


Placenta Cream - a rich, lavender scented Olive Tree base cream infused with placenta tincture used regularly can leave skin looking fresh and smooth and can also be effective on dry skin conditions such as eczema. Stored well, placenta cream will retain its powerful properties for up to 12 months.


Placenta Balm - calendula oil infused with placenta, emulsified with beeswax and lavender essential oil is the perfect natural remedy for nappy rash and many other irritating, inflammatory skin conditions as well as non-specific itching. Balm can also be used effectively to reduce the signs of scar tissue and burns. Stored well, placenta balm will retain its healing properties for up to 12 months.

Homeopathic remedy

Homeopathics, like essences, are remedies that heal on a vibrational, energetic level. Making a homeopathic placenta remedy can be used as your child’s constitutional remedy for life since it was their life-giving source for their time in-utero. It contains the blue print of his/her energetic make-up and hence, the amazing ability to bring balance and illicit healing from within when illness, disease, emotional challenges, or difficult life transitions arise.


Homeopathic Placenta Remedy may:

  • improve symptoms of emotional distress, depression, anxiety, sorrow and mourning

  • improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance

  • help your baby with colic, crying fits, teething and seperation anxiety

Placenta Printing

Placenta Printing is a magical and artistic way the capture the form and shape of the placenta in all its mystery for a lifetime.

It’s important to use a high quality absorbant paper, similar to that which would be used for water colour painting. Natural coloured paper gives the print an earthy feel and blends nicely with the rich colour of placental blood. Dabbing the fetal side of the placenta with kitchen roll/paper towel will help you reach a finely tuned print showing the true structure and maze of vessles and the beautiful spiral of cord.

If possible, do not rinse the placenta in water before making your print.  Water will cause your print to be less defined.

We advise you do not use paints when making placenta prints if you plan on encapsulating or making any remedies with your placenta.


I'm a certified placenta consultant, trained with Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN).

I offer services in South Hams, Devon, meeting you at your home or a hospital. 

Send me a quick note to get a detailed description about the collection, procedure, prices and discounts.

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