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"I have never encountered anyone who massages like Bara. She always returns me to my body, in the most beautiful & nourishing way. Bara is very intune with what she is doing, her movement is like a dance. I savour every moment of my massage with Bara, she is truly amazing! 

Bara also massaged me throughout my pregnancy, I wouldn't go to anyone else but Bara. She made me feel secure, replenished and and deeply connected to my body's changing rhythms. Bara creates a space of harmony, a safe sanctuary where a pregnant woman can let go and receive. It is also a wonderful preparation for birth. I would highly recommend Bara to all pregnant women. "  Natasha, mother of two, London



"A massage with Bara is perfection from beginning to end. All the details she pays such attention to add to it being something very special.

The room is warm, welcoming and a space you can truly relax and feel peaceful in. From the hot flannels with which she baths your feet to the thoughtful and inspiring music she plays. I have never had a massage like it. Then there is Bara herself. The massage she gave was one of the best I've ever had. She is a talented and professional masseuse whom I wouldn't hesitate in recommending"

Olivia, mother of two, London


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