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What is a doula? Why choose a doula? Opinions from a birth and postnatal doula, a leading midwife and a consultant obstetrician on the role and benefits of a doula. Featuring Bridget Baker (birth and postnatal doula), Cathy Warwick (General Secretary, Royal College of Midwives) and Heather Brown (Consultant Obstetrician).

Penny Simkin  talks about using doulas for birth care and how the doula movement came about.

The magnificent Thalasso Baby Bath for newborn babies

Penny Simkin - Singing to the baby before and after birth

Sonia Rochel, creator of the magnificent Thalasso Baby Bath for newborn babies shares her story. Sonia talks about how she came to creating this special newborn baby bath, how a baby tells a whole story while in her hands. Sonia also gives tips and safety guidelines for parents who want to "try it at home" and shares her personal sleep advice.

Birth doula film - trailer for DOULA!

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